Travel to Hekou Dali Lijiang Kunming 6 days 5 nights

Travel to Hekou Dali Lijiang Kunming 6 days 5 nights

Travel to Hekou Dali Lijiang Kunming 6 days 5 nights. This is a trip to China that many people search for information on on the Google search engine. SvoyTour would like to share with readers the experience and necessary information about this 6 days and 5 nights trip.
The highlight that Svoy Tour sees is that this is a trip chosen by many people. The reason why the travel community loves this trip is because of two factors. low travel costs. Simple travel procedures.


Tour du lịch trung quốc 6 ngày 5 đêm
Tour du lịch trung quốc 6 ngày 5 đêm

The 6 days 5 nights tour will help us explore many beautiful places in China.

We will explore Hekou, Dali, Lijiang, and Conming. Like other tours, we will explore the places, cuisine, culture… in the places we go. New specifics for you to discover with Svoy Tour

Travel to Hekou, Lijiang, Kunming, Dali with a journey of 6 days and 5 nights

DAY 01: We will explore 3 locations. Hekou Meng Temple, Dali .

We will travel (travel by speedboat or car from Lao Cai. Departure Point from Lao Cai province of Vietnam

6:30 am: Tour guide picks us up at Lao Cai international border gate and enters China’s Hekou location. We get on the bus to go to Hekou location and have lunch with the specialty Bun Qua Cau.
Then move to the train station in the Hekou area.
Board the 4:20 p.m. train to Dali (dinner at your own expense on the train).

20:30: The train arrives at Dali station, the car picks you up to the hotel to rest.

DAY 02 Explore Dali area

7:00: You wake up and have breakfast.

After breakfast, you will visit Dali Ancient Citadel (electric car cost 25 yuan / person on your own), with ancient architecture from the Ming – Qing dynasties and this is the place where the famous movie in the novel Jin Yong was filmed. Thien Long Bat Bo – Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.

At noon, the group has lunch at Dali. Then continue to visit Er Hai Lake. Next, experience cycling on the ecological path next to Er Hai Lake, check in on the S-shaped road – where the movie Going Where the Wind is filmed. (Bicycle rental costs are at your own expense).

After dinner (at your own expense), you can rest and do your own activities.

Day 3: Dali –LIJIANG

Du lịch Lệ Giang Trung Quốc
Du lịch Lệ Giang Trung Quốc


Morning: You wake up and have breakfast at the hotel.

You are free to visit Dali Songyun Boutique Hotel Santorini – a luxury resort with Mediterranean style, overlooking Erhai Lake.

Noon: You have lunch.

After lunch: You move to Lijiang.

Then you will visit Hi Chau ancient town, enjoy tea and Hi Chau cakes,… At noon, the group will have lunch at the restaurant.

Afternoon: The group continues to move to Sa Khe Ancient Town, one of the important towns on Tra Ngua road. This place is also the stopping point of Hua Hong Dau in the movie “Going to the Windy Place”.

Evening: Have dinner (at your own expense). After dinner, you are free to explore Lijiang at night.


Morning: The group has breakfast at the hotel, the car takes the group to move to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – One of the most beautiful mountains in China. The group took a small cable car to the top of the mountain, admiring the beautiful natural scenery, visiting the four seasons of Van Tam Binh, Thao Nguyen Cam Hai Tu and watching Ngoc Long snow mountain at an altitude of 3200m.

Visit Bach Thuy Ha – formed by melting ice from Ngoc Long snow mountain, which is likened to Tuyet Tinh Coc with clear blue water that can be seen clearly to the bottom. Have lunch at the restaurant.

You can participate in the program “Impressions of Lijiang” staged by famous director Zhang Yimou. A musical performed outdoors, at an altitude of more than 3,000m, with the main stage background being the sky and the Ngoc Long mountain range…, it’s hard to imagine without once “seeing it”. (Costs to watch the show are self-sufficient).

Noon: You have breakfast in Lijiang.

Afternoon: Visit Lam Nguyet Coc – one of the most beautiful valleys in China with clear jade green water

–     Then you move back to Lijiang.

Evening: Have dinner. After that, you can visit Lijiang Ancient City and can participate in the program “Lijiang Thousand Ancient Loves” (self-sufficient cost 320 yuan).

DAY 05: LIJIANG – Kunming

Morning: You have breakfast.

Then get on the bus and travel by high-speed train to Kunming.

Noon: You have lunch.

Then transfer to visit “Hai Canh Lake” where you are free to visit the lake’s architectural landscape and take photos and watch seagulls.

Afternoon: You move to visit Kim Ma Street – The most famous walking street in Kunming with countless products on display, a place where local culinary culture gathers. You can automatically shop and visit.

Evening: Have dinner, check in to a quiet room at Shangrila.

DAY 06: Kunming – Hekou

Morning: You have breakfast.

Then you take the Kunming – Hekou high-speed train.

Noon: You have lunch.

After a long lunch, you are free to visit the free shopping area in Hekou.

Afternoon: 17:00 You gather to complete immigration procedures to return to Vietnam.

End program

Du lịch Lệ Giang Trung Quốc
Du lịch Lệ Giang Trung Quốc

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