Travel to Hekou China 2 days 1 night

Travel to Hekou China 2 days 1 night.

Travel to Hekou China 2 days 1 night. Travel to Hekou province, China.
Svoy Tour would like to send you our travel experience to Hekou. Specifically, we can travel to Hekou in China for 2 days and 1 night. When we travel to Hekou China, we can combine visiting places. Explore Chinese cuisine. In particular, many people choose to travel to Hekou to shop and record videos to create content for the Channel  Youtube


Du lich Ha Khau Trung Quoc 2
Du lịch Hà Khẩu Trung Quốc 2

Travel to Hekou province, China.

Traveling to Hekou China for 2 days and one night is a short trip. Tours have low prices.
Travel to Hekou China Suitable for people with low income. We can also see that the plus point of the Hekou China tour is its short duration. So you will be proactive in your time. Collecting travel and work arrangements is also easier.
We can go on the weekend. Or you will travel to Hekou China on vacation. Especially when traveling to China, you only need a citizen ID card for people over 18 years old. We don’t need a visa. Please pay attention to importing into Hekou province of China if traveling from Vietnam.

Hekou China tour 2 days 1 night specific schedule is as follows.


9:00 am: You gather at Lao Cai international border gate. Vietnam tour guide staff welcomes you. At the same time, staff in Vietnam will carry out exit procedures to Ha Khau for you.
Procedure time is expected to be about 60 minutes.

10:30: You move back to the hotel to check in and store your luggage. Here you will check in and rest. You can also do personal hygiene in the room.

11:30 a.m.: Eat lunch. You will experience oriental cuisine at Sichuan restaurant (short hair girl).

13:30: You travel by bus to visit Bac Son Square; Hekou’s largest shopping mall; Go drink Chinese milk tea (self-sufficient cost about 13-15 yuan/1 cup)

17:00: You have dinner at Dau Dau restaurant

19:00: You move to visit the light park of Quan Am Pagoda.

Free time to visit the nightlife cuisine in Hekou

9:30 p.m.: Return to the hotel to rest


7:30: You have breakfast at the hotel

8:30 a.m.: You visit (Underground supermarket; Ha Khau specialty store.) 10:00 a.m.: You return to the hotel to check out.



Photo of 2-sided ID card/ID card.
Portrait photo with a white background (hair pulled back to the ears, smart shirt, no glasses). Children:
Photo of notarized birth certificate.
01 application form for a travel document (form TK08) with confirmation from the commune and ward where permanent residence is registered.
02 portrait photos with white background (hair pulled back to ears, smart shirt, no glasses).

  • Du lich Ha KHau Trung Quoc 1

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