Tay Ho lotus tea and how to make lotus tea in 3 steps

Discover Tay Ho lotus tea.

Tay Ho lotus tea is a premium tea flavored with lotus scent. Tay Ho lotus tea is a drink imbued with traditional Eastern cuisine. Lotus tea was formed very early in Vietnamese life. Lotus tea is often popular in the north. Today, lotus tea is used daily nationwide. At the same time, lotus tea is also exported globally. Lotus tea is produced from “green tea” combined with “lotus rice”.
Tay Ho lotus tea is made from dried green tea. Then marinate it with Bach Diep lotus pistil to create a very fragrant scent. Gentle scent.

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Tay Ho lotus tea. Just by hearing the name, we can somewhat identify the flavor of lotus tea. Lotus tea has the taste of green tea. At the same time has the scent of lotus. Tay Ho lotus tea has a slightly astringent taste of tea, a cool scent combining lotus scent and tea scent. When drinking tea, there is a sweet “after-taste”, all mixed with the pure and pure floral scent of Bach Diep lotus.

Tay Ho lotus tea is not only a great drink but also brings many health and beauty benefits. When used properly, this tea has the following advantages:

Tay Ho lotus tea is famous in Kinh Ky.

Tay Ho lotus tea – Hanoi. This is the lotus tea that Svoy wants to highlight first. Tay Ho lotus tea is a culinary specialty of Hanoi. It’s great to drink this tea after tiring working hours. The scent of lotus will make you feel relaxed.

Cách pha trà sen tây hồ
Cách pha trà sen Tây Hồ


The flavor of Tay Ho lad lotus tea is great.

It is no coincidence that Tay Ho lotus tea is known as “the most ancient tea” Trad lotus  Tay Ho this drink has an elegant flavor, not too passionate but extremely fragrant and pleasant. The flavor of West Lake lotus tea is a blend of the rich taste of marinated tea leaves and fragrant Bach Diep lotus rice.

Characteristics of Tay Ho lotus tea.

Tay Ho lotus tea is traditionally produced by hand based on the experience of local people. Tay Ho lotus tea originated very early in Eastern countries. The famous Tay Ho lotus tea is produced by the people of  Quang Ba, and the people of Nghi Tam. To make high quality Tay Ho lotus tea, the ingredients are the most important. Ingredients needed include Bach Diep tea and lotus. And a special thing is that to have good lotus rice, you need to pick lotus flowers early in the morning. Because lotus flowers are harvested early in the morning, they still have a lot of love oil in them.

Traditional Tay Ho lotus tea.

The production time for lotus tea is not long. The production of lotus tea is seasonal. This is explained by the reason that production materials require lotus flowers. But lotus flowers are only available seasonally.
Lotus tea production only takes place from May to September every year. The reason is because during this time there are only lotus flowers to make tea. The process of producing lotus tea is very elaborate and thorough. To have delicious quality lotus tea, lotus tea must be harvested early in the morning.

According to traditional experience, people will harvest lotus flowers. Then gently separate the petals and lotus pistil. When there is lotus pistil, gently separate the white seeds at the pistil tip. The pistil part is called “lotus rice”.

Next, the lotus scent will be marinated. A layer of tea and a layer of lotus rice are placed alternately

Finally, cover it with a layer of paper to keep the lotus scent from being lost. To get a batch of high quality, fragrant lotus tea, it takes 21 days with 7 times of scenting and 7 times of drying.

How to make lotus tea in 3 steps.

Sau đây Mời các bạn cùng Svoy Tour khám phá cách thưởng thức trà sen Tây Hồ.

Step 1 prepare tools and hot water tea.

  • To make tea, we must use a porcelain pot. Stainless steel pots or glass pots will not guarantee a delicious tea pot. We prepare tea pots as large or small as desired. But according to Svoy Tour’s experience, we should use porcelain teapots. In particular, use purple tea pots. Along with that, we need Tay Ho lotus tea.
    Prepare hot water. We need hot water to make tea. The best water to make tea is water with a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius or higher. Water for making tea must be pure water and natural water (rainwater, clean natural spring water)
    After having the kettle, we use hot water (over 80 degrees Celsius) to coat the entire inside and outside surface of the kettle and cup. This purpose is to clean the cup, remove the remaining scent on the cup (the smell of other drinks, or any smell…). In particular, coating two surfaces (inside and outside) will heat the tea maker higher than the ambient temperature. Heating the tea maker will help keep the tea from cooling quickly when poured into the cup.

Step 2 Make tea  – brew the tea.

  • First, they are big for 1 cup of tea and pot. We can put the amount of tea into the pot. The amount of tea we add to have the desired consistency. We can dilute or thicken. But Svoy Tour’s recommendation is not to make it too thick.
    Pour a small amount of hot water into the teapot to rinse the tea. We give the right amount of water. If we consider the volume of space, we put an amount of water equal to the amount of tea in the pot. Note that we rinse the tea quickly. When you add hot water to rinse the tea, you need to quickly pour the water away. Because we leave it for too long, we will lose some of the tea quality and flavor.
    Next, pour out all the water and rinse the tea, then add water to the teapot and add the amount of water to 95% of the teapot’s volume. Because when you fill the pot when pouring, the amount of tea may spill out. or difficulty pouring tea into a cup.
    Brew tea. After we add water to the teapot, we will let the tea brew. We leave the tea for 8 to 12 seconds. We don’t pour it out right away if it hasn’t brewed yet because the essence of sour tea fades into the water. If we leave it for too long, it’s not good, because too long the tea will cool.

Pour tea and serve tea

Enjoying lotus tea and inviting guests to drink tea is also a traditional cultural feature of Vietnamese people. After making tea, we can pour the tea out and invite guests and relatives to enjoy.

First, we will prepare the tea cups and place them neatly close to each other, arranged next to each other. We arrange the tea cups corresponding to the number of people drinking tea. Then pour the tea in rounds. Each cup of tea is poured 3 times. For example, if we have 3 people drinking tea, each cup will be poured in rounds. We align it ourselves after 3 rounds of pouring and it will be done. We should note that we only pour enough tea into the cup, usually 80% to 85% of the tea cup’s volume.

It is also a feature of Eastern culture that when we invite tea, we invite the superiors and elders first.


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