Hue sesame specialties and the 2 most common types. Let’s explore quickly with Svoy tour!.

Hue sesame is a famous specialty. Currently, there are two popular and famous types of sesame nettles. Svoy Tour will share with the community the necessary information about this specialty.
Sesame has a delicious flavor and a rich, fatty taste. If you travel to Thua Thien Hue province. Svoy Tour invites you to explore Hue sesame. At the same time, in this article Svoy Tour also helps you classify Hue sesame seeds

Introducing the sesame specialty of Thua Thien Hue.

Sesame truffle of Thua Thien Hue province is a snack. Sesame truffle was developed by the people of Hue. The raw materials for producing sesame candy are nutritious seeds combined with sugar and malt.
But there are definitely sesame seeds (sesame seeds).

Mè xửng Huế có vị ngọt của đườn dẻo thơm.Tuy làm từ đường và mạch nha nhưng mè xửng có vị ngọt thanh khong gắt.

Hue sesame candy and how to enjoy it.

Hue sesame candy is a specialty snack. The way to enjoy is not too complicated. When buying sesame seeds, users can enjoy them immediately without processing.

But to enjoy the true taste and culinary culture, let’s learn more about it with Svoy tour. Through the process of learning, you will learn how to enjoy this popular specialty in a more elaborate but most authentic way.

To enjoy Hue’s Sesame, we will drink it with green tea. In case you cannot drink tea due to fear of insomnia, we drink it with any type of drink. But according to Svoy Tour’s experience, we go up to enjoy it with hot drinks. And the drink is not too sweet because the sesame seeds already have a sweet taste

The “standard, no need to adjust” way to enjoy Hue sesame specialty is with tea. We can use scented teas. We  sip with a warm cup of lotus-infused tea. If possible, we make tea with morning dew drops on lotus leaves.

What types of Hue sesame candy are there? Classification of Hue sesame candy?

In fact, Thua Thien Hue province has 3 types of sesame.
Sesame candy has the physical characteristic of being very flexible. Mirror sesame candy, and crispy sesame candy. Each type of sesame candy has its own flavor. Details of sesame seeds are as follows. We invite you to explore with Svoy Tour.

  1. Sesame candy specialties.

Hue’s soft sesame specialty is exactly as its name suggests. The first thing we notice is that Sesame candy is flexible. the taste of sesame, the aroma of sesame.

The main ingredients used to make sticky sesame are sugar, malt, sesame, and peanuts.

Hue sticky sesame candy has the characteristic chewy taste of sesame candy. At the same time, add the crunchy taste of roasted peanuts, etc. combined with sweet malt. Made from malt.

Đặc sản mè xửng deo xứ HuếĐặc sản mè xửng deo xứ Huế

  1. Crispy Sesame Candy specialty. The characteristic of this type is brittleness.

If compared with soft sesame, crispy sesame has a huge difference. The ingredients of sesame crispy rice paper are more bean flour and less sugar

The way to produce crispy sesame is also different from that of soft sesame. Crispy sesame seeds are wrapped in a layer of grilled rice paper. It is the difference that makes the crispy sesame candy more sturdy in taste

Crispy sesame candy will instantly crisp up when you take a bite. This is the difference from sesame candy.

Đặc sản mè sửng giòn xứ Huế
Đặc sản mè sửng giòn xứ Huế


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